How to Get to Boulogne

Trains and Ferries

Unfortunately there is no longer a direct ferry to Boulogne. But its still an easy journey because there are many options to Calais and. Channel Hoppers are spoilt for choice.

Choose from DFDS Seaways or P&O Ferries, both of whom go from Dover to Calais, Eurotunnel from Folkestone to Coquelles, Calais and Eurostar from St Pancras, London to Coquelles in Calais.

If you arrive in Calais, you can get to Boulogne quickly with a 20 minute whizz along the A26 motorway or pick up the D940 coastal road on Bleriot Plage in Calais.

Check out our guide below for an overview of each cross-channel operator’s services.

PS Don’t forget your passport.

By Ferry

Ferry is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get to Calais, and the services offered by ferry companies have improved massively in recent years. More competition has encouraged better prices, and there is now a great choice of places to catch the ferry from. Ferries are far less hassle than planes, saving you time and aggravation, as well as money. If you need your car, the benefits are huge, taking your own car on a ferry saves you having to sort out transport when you arrive in France, it also enables you to carry a lot of luggage to and from France!

P&O Ferries

Tel: 08705 20 20 20

P&O Ferries

Check-in: 30 minutes

Journey time: 75 minutes

Frequency: Every 45 minutes a peak time

Leaving From: Dover to Calais

DFDS Seaways

Tel: 0871 574 7235

DFDS Seaways

Check-in: 45 minutes

Journey time: 90 minutes

Frequency: Every 90 minutes a peak time

Leaving From: Dover to Calais


By Train


Tel: 08705 186 186 – Please note a £5 booking fee applies to phone bookings


Check-in: 30 minutes – Changes depending on your ticket type see Eurostar Check In for more details

Journey time: 50 minutes

Frequency: 3 times per day at peak times

Leaving From: London St Pancras, Ebbsfleet. and Ashford to Calais Fréthun. This TGV stop is some distance from Calais itself; there are shuttle buses and taxis.

Note: Eurostar does not carry vehicles. Foot passengers only.