Shopping in Boulogne

For anyone on a shopping spree, it is a pleasure to take a leisurely stroll around the pretty town of Boulogne in search of local goodies to take home. And shoppers won’t be disappointed because the town has a wealth of small specialist shops that deliver not just fabulous products but also an appealing and friendly environment in which to shop. Boulognese shop-keepers really appreciate their British customers and go out of their way to please.

Every few steps will lead to interesting fashion stores, bakeries, charcuteries, patisseries, chocolate shops and a couple of worthy wine shops especially in rue Thiers, rue Faidherbe and Grande rue as well as the small streets that pan out from them.

The most famous speciality shop in Boulogne is probably Philippe Olivier’s cheese shop. It is located in the pedestrianised rue Thiers and for cheese lovers is a must-visit. But there are other gems dotted around such as Chocolats de Beussent Chocolate Shop which will delight chocoholics, the Parisian speciality delicatessen, Hediard, the famous French wine warehouse style outlet, Le Chais and of course Auchan Hypermarket. No shopper should miss a trip to this hypermarket for the opportunity to stock up general supermarket shopping.

It is worth noting though that many shops are closed on Monday mornings. Some shops open Sunday morning such as bakers and florists and the rule of thumb is that main opening hours are from around 9am/10am to 7pm.

Boulogne also has its own colourful flower, fruit and vegetable market at Place Dalton but make sure you get their early as it ends at 12 noon. There’s also a superb quay-side fish market so do make sure you have your cooler bag in tow just in case the freshly caught seafood is too tempting to pass up.

Auchan Hypermarket

Auchan Hypermarket is the best place to visit for general supermarket shopping.

Address: RN42, St Martin Boulogne

Open: Monday-Saturday 8.30am-10pm

Tresor de Vin

Tresor de Vin has lots of fabulous wines sourced direct from French vineyards.

Address: 12 rue Thiers, Boulogne

Tel: 00 33 (0)321 30 39 13

Open: Daily 9am-7pm

Le Chais

Le Chais is a wine warehouse brimming with goodies.

Address: 49 rue des 2 Ponts Brequerecque

Tel: 00 33 (0)321 31 65 42

Open: Tuesday to Friday 9am to 12am and 2.30pm to 7pm. Saturday 9am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to 6.30pm

Chocolats de Beussent

If you love chocolate then Chocolats de Beussent is the shop for you.

Address: 56 rue Thiers, Boulogne

Tel: 00 33 (0)321 92 44 00

Open: Daily 9am-6pm