Open Air Market

Place Dalton
6220 Boulogne

Open: Wednesday and Saturday

From: 8.30am to 12 noon

Every French town worth its salt has an open air market where the locals mingle, buy their lunch and stock up on fresh fruit and flowers.

Boulogne’s market takes place in the town’s square, Place Dalton, located at the foot of the newly revamped thirteenth century Eglise St-Nicolas and the market is certainly worth visiting to enjoy the melee of local life, practise a little French, and perhaps stock up on a few locally produced artisanal food items too. But get there early because by 11.45am the stalls are already beginning to look a little empty.

The market is crammed with stalls selling fruits and vegetables, flowers, bunches of herbs, floury or speciality bread (baked with olives or walnuts for instance), jams, bricks of butter, eggs, every sort of sea food you can think of as well as the local speciality ‘soup de poisson’ – fish soup (certainly worth some space in the cooler bag).

Some stalls are owned by shop owners who travel to different markets with their wares but there are also smaller stalls where local producers sell their freshly grown or baked or home-made produce, including honey made by bee keepers!

Alongside this are rotisseries selling freshly roasted chicken and vans selling all sorts of sausages and meats.

Place Dalton is surrounded by brasseries and pubs so you can wind down as the market begins to wind up with a coffee or a spot of lunch.