Philippe Olivier Fromagerie

43 rue Thiers
62200 Boulogne
Tel: 00 33 (0)3 21 31 94 74

Open: Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 7pm

This petite cheese shop (fromagerie) is probably the most famous cheese shop in all of France. It is a family run concern who, for several generations, have been specialists in the fine art of ‘affinage’ – the ripening of cheeses to perfection. The family are excellent marketeers and successfully exports its cheeses to not only other regions in France, but to other countries as far a field as Singapore. So where-ever you are dining out in the world, you may well be eating one of Mr Olivier’s 300 cheese offerings.

One of the most popular local cheeses, La Vieux Boulogne, seems to fly off the shelves, despite its pungent aroma. Monsieur Olivier suggests you drink this with a bottle of ‘2 Caps’ beer which he says complements this cheese perfectly. There are 29 other local cheeses to choose from too and if you need advice (and you speak a little French) he is usually on hand to advise. Also, if the shop is not too busy, you may be able to get a tour of the tiny cheese cellars below, so feel free to ask.