Tourist brochures applaud the charm and beauty of Boulogne but with a history spanning more than 2000 years, Boulogne is not just a pretty face.

Wherever you are in Boulogne, the hill top Cathedral dome dominates over the town as it shimmers in the sunshine. You can reach it by entering one of the four gates of the old town – veille ville – where history unfurls as you saunter by. Take a stroll in the Ville Haute (upper town) and enjoy the cobbled streets, restored mansions, admire the Hotel de Ville (town hall) and its handsome Bellfry and chill out at the countless eateries. Ramble through the wide avenue style walkways of the hilltop ramparts and take in the impressive Chateau-Musee along the way.

Pride of place has to be awarded to Nausicaa Sea World attraction that covers the magnificent wonders of the underwater world. It’s located by the seafront and you can spend hours here with the kids either hypnotised by the colourful, exotic and tropical aquariums or participating in one of many activities.

The port area offers the beach but also a vibrant quay-side fish market worth visiting for a slice of sea life in action and on market days don’t forget to mingle with the locals in Place Dalton as they buy flowers and fresh food for lunch and pick up a word or two of French.

Here’s is our guide to the must-see sights in Boulogne:

The Ramparts

The Ramparts are 2000 years old and crown the upper town of Boulogne.

Nortre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral and its crypt became a pilgrimage sight thanks to a glowing statue.

Nausicaa Seaworld

Nausicaa brings the sea and all its glory to life. A must-see attraction.

Colonne de la Grande Armée

This elegant column is the site of the Boulogne camp where the military received the Legion d’honour.


This medieval castle with its vaults, underground passages and moats offers an enjoyable way pass the afternoon.

Hôtel de Ville and Le Belfroi

The town hall and bellfry is a classic in architecture.