The Ramparts

Boulogne’s Old City Walls

Did you know that Boulogne is a walled city? And that it has been so for over 2000 years? The thirteenth century fortifications still surround the cobbled streets of the Haute Ville despite having endured two world wars. These fortifications were built by the Count of Boulogne, Philippe Hurepel, the son of King Phillippe Auguste on the foundations of a Gallo-Roman wall and have remained in tact. There are seventeen turrets and four gates that have hardly changed since ancient times.

To get there walk up rue Faidherbe which leads directly to Haute Ville, turn right at the old town walls along the boulevard de Porte des Degres and from here (though there are three other gates) you will have access to the pathway around the ramparts. The fortifications and the castle are the regions the best preserved relics from that period. Take a peaceful stroll along the pretty and well-tended tree-lined walkways to enjoy the panoramic views of the town and its coastline.