Hôtel de Ville and Le Belfroi

Town Hall and Belfry

Place Godefroy de Bouillon
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Email: mairie@ville-boulogne-sur-mer.fr
Web: www.ville-boulogne-sur-mer.fr

Entrance from the Place Goderoy de Bouillon

Open: Monday to Thursday 8am-noon and 2pm-6pm
Entry: Free

Hôtel de Ville

The Town Hall, located in the heart of the old part of Boulogne in the Upper Town opposite the town gate, Porte des Dunes, was built by Louis XV and has been altered six times since it was built in 1735 (you’ll see this date inscribed on the cornice of the Town Hall).

With its classical layout, it is the only monument in the Old Town built in both brick and stone giving it a pinkish hue. Other buildings are built in stone only.

Sculpted beneath the roof are the arms of the town; on the left the swan are the three massive heraldic balls. These emblems are part of Boulogne’s coat of arms and have been since the eleventh century.

The Town Hall is also home to oil portrait paintings and the Wedding Room contains wood carvings from Dutch Oak and this is open to the public to view.

Le Belfroi

The 12th-century Gothic belfry is the oldest monument in the Old Town and is a UNESCO world heritage site. It was originally the keep of the castle of the Counts of Boulogne and was once used as a dungeon. Today it symbolises communal liberty.

It is worth visiting and climbing to the top if only for the breathtaking views over the port, the town and the sea.

Access is from the ground floor of the Town Hall. Entrance is free.